Liquid fast?

So my Church is beginning a 21-day fast tomorrow (10th January) and I really want to be a part of it.


Originally, I’d decided upon doing a liquid fast but then my nutritionist advised that it wouldn’t be the wisest moves since my body would think we were in starvation mode and instead of burning fat, work extra hard to store it (NOT WHAT I WANT!). And to be quite honest, I was slightly worried about whether or not I’d make it considering Cauliflower had been on it about a week and was SUFFERING to say the least..


We (Nutritionist and I) decided on the Daniel Fast which allows me to have simply fruits and veggies. This will still be good for my body since legumes are included which good source of protein (which I will need since I am cutting out meat) but other than that, simply healthy raw/cooked fruits and vegetables as well as water as my only liquid.

I am really looking forward excitedly mostly to eating fruits since I had to cut them out completely during the Atkins diet. So yay to bananas, mangoes, pineapples and oranges for the next 3 weeks!! I know it won’t be too easy since I have really fallen in love with meat over the past 40 days but in the same way I have made it through to this point, 21 days is gonna be a breeze little easier, well hopefully.

*Cheers to faith and health!*




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